Enerflex And BASF Join Forces To Capture Carbon Emissions

Enerflex And BASF Join Forces To Capture Carbon Emissions - Carbon Herald

Energy companies Enerflex and BASF have signed an agreement to work together on capturing and storing harmful carbon emissions. This collaboration aims to bring large-scale carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects to life.

Enerflex brings decades of experience in building and integrating gas processing equipment, while BASF offers their innovative OASE® blue technology for capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial facilities and power plants. 

With over 150 CCUS projects under their belt, Enerflex has a proven track record of capturing millions of tons of CO2 each year. 

BASF is a leader in carbon capture technology, boasting over 500 successful projects worldwide. 

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This partnership is expected to create cost-effective CCUS solutions, accelerating global efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Marc Rossiter, President and CEO of Enerflex, commented on the new partnership: “This collaboration with BASF exemplifies our commitment to sustainable energy and finding innovative solutions to meet our client partners’ decarbonization goals.”

“By collaborating with BASF, we expect to further optimize the development of economical CCUS solutions, in line with our vision of Transforming Energy for a Sustainable Future,” Rosstler said.

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“We offer an excellent suite of gas treatment solutions under the OASE brand to support Enerflex and the growing interest in carbon capture solutions. With OASE blue, BASF provides a technology for capturing CO2 from sources like power plants and industrial facilities,” said Fransis Chadikun, Senior Vice President, Intermediates North America of BASF.

“We have extensive and long-standing experience in gas treatment, contributing to sustainability goals through carbon capture and storage applications.” 

OASE blue is a BASF technology known for its low energy use, minimal solvent loss, and ability to adapt to different operating conditions. It’s designed to handle the unique challenges of capturing CO2 from various sources, including fossil-fuel power plants, industrial facilities, and waste incinerators.

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