Enbridge Set To Partner With Oxy Low Carbon Ventures For Texas CO2 Hub 

Enbridge Set To Partner With Oxy Low Carbon Ventures For Texas CO2 Hub - Carbon Herald

Corpus Christi, Texas is set to become a CO2 hub, after Enbridge and Occidental subsidiary Oxy Low Carbon Ventures revealed plans to develop a joint project there.

A letter of intent between the two parties was signed yesterday with the goal of building a hub that can provide greenhouse gas emitters from the region with a complete transportation and sequestering solution.

Enbridge would be responsible for the construction and operation of the pipeline infrastructure the project requires, while Oxy Low Carbon Ventures would be focused on the sequestration.

Back in October, Oxy Low Carbon Venture signed an agreement with Natural Resource Partners L.P. to evaluate a roughly 65,000 acre space in Texas for the development of a carbon sequestration hub.

Enbridge is also expected to use the facilities in the CO2 hub to decarbonize its own activities, as well as providing a decarbonization solution to a range of industrial companies in the Ingleside and Corpus Christi areas.

Commenting on the announcement Colin Gruending, Enbridge Executive Vice President and President, Liquids Pipelines said: “This is a unique opportunity for two organizations to pair complementary skill sets in a way that decarbonizes our own facilities and provides a platform for our industrial neighbors who are also seeking to reduce their emissions.”

“We look forward to working with Enbridge as we advance our plans to develop sequestration hubs that will provide a practical decarbonization solution for industrial emitters,” said Jeff Alvarez, President and General Manager, Sequestration, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures.

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