Enbridge And Capital Power Partner Up On Carbon Capture In Canada

Enbridge And Capital Power Partner Up On Carbon Capture In Canada - Carbon Capture

Multinational pipeline company Enbridge Inc. and power producer Capital Power Corp. have agreed to work together on a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Alberta, Canada. 

The proposed project will aim to capture up to 3 million metric tons of CO2 every year and will serve Capital Power’s Genesee Generating Station in Alberta. 

Said station currently provides more than 1,200 MW of electricity to local residents. 

This will be one of many projects designed to help make Alberta a leader in carbon storage and a hydrogen production hub, thus advancing the transition from fossil fuels and harmful emissions to cleaner, more sustainable energy practices. 

In the proposed carbon capture and storage project, Enbridge will take on the transportation and storage services, whereas Capital Power will be providing the CO2. 

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The project is expected to become operational in 2026. 

The captured carbon dioxide will be transported and stored via Enbridge’s open access carbon hub. And that hub may potentially also be used to serve other industrial companies in the area. 

Separately, Enbridge has also announced its plans to negotiate a new commercial framework for its Mainline oil pipeline network after the Canada Energy Regulator’s (CER) November 26, 2021 decision to reject the implementation of contracting for firm service on the network. 

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The pipeline company will now explore alternative options, including one that involves an extended Competitive Tolling Settlement agreement, a new rate-making structure or a modified rate-making agreement. 

In any event, any settlement will first need to be approved by the CER before it can be implemented. 

Yet despite the setback, Enbridge Inc. remains optimistic about the future of its Mainline oil pipeline network in the coming years.

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