Emissions Reduction Alberta Invests $2.2M In Three Carbon Capture Projects

Emissions Reduction Alberta Invests $3M In Three Carbon Capture Projects - Carbon Herald

Canadian investment firm Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) has announced it will invest CAD 3 million (approx. USD 2.2 million) in three Alberta-led carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects with a combined budget of over CAD 11 million.

The investment, which will come from the industry-funded Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund of the Canadian province of Alberta, is granted under ERA’s partnership with international research and innovation initiative Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT).

As ACT partners, Norway and the USA will also provide funding for the projects, ERA said.

The three projects, which were selected through the latest funding round ACT4 Call, involve either development, scale-up, field testing, piloting, demonstration, or deployment of CCUS technology within Alberta or Alberta-based companies working on technology in a partner’s region.

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“As outlined in Alberta’s new Emissions Reduction and Energy Development Plan, the province continues to advance CCUS as a critical part of achieving Alberta’s aspiration of net zero emissions by 2050,” Sonya Savage, Minister of Environment and Protected Areas of the province, said in a comment.

Under the ACT4 Call, six projects will receive a total of CAD 23 million, of which CAD 16 million comes from ACT partners.

The three ERA-funded projects include developing a low-cost, high-resolution monitoring technology for carbon dioxide (CO2) storage facilities, by Carbon Management Canada; binding CO2 into a variety of feedstocks to create cementitious materials for use in concrete, by Carbon Upcycling Technologies; and investigating the feasibility for permanent storage of CO2 in depleted gas reservoirs, by Repsol Canada.

All goals and plans for the projects will be presented at the Annual ACT Knowledge Sharing Workshop, and the final outcomes reports will be shared publicly.

ERA had previously provided over CAD 2 million in funding to four Alberta-led projects worth nearly CAD 24 million under ACT3 Call.

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