Eion Appoints Anastasia Pavlovic As Chief Executive Officer

Eion Appoints Anastasia Pavlovic As Chief Executive Officer - Carbon Herald

Eion, a carbon removal company turning the proven science of enhanced rock weathering (ERW) into a scalable climate solution, announced today that it appointed Anastasia Pavlovic as Chief Executive Officer.

The appointment comes on the heels of a recent announcement by Eion that it completed partial delivery of an initial carbon purchase by Stripe, a validation of Eion’s approach to ERW, including its patented direct measurement approach. Eion also announced it secured guaranteed access to a minimum of 500,000 tons per year of olivine—a naturally abundant mineral approved for agricultural use—from leading mineral solutions provider Sibelco. 

“Eion has secured 10 million tons of olivine, access to tens of millions of acres of cropland, and has the scientific rigor and agricultural know-how to remove CO2 permanently,” said Anastasia Pavlovic, Chief Executive Officer of Eion. “I’m thrilled to be leading this next phase of growth at the company, bringing industry stakeholders together, and catalyzing the responsible growth of ERW into a leading climate solution.”

Pavlovic succeeds Adam Wolf, who has served as Eion’s CEO since co-founding the company in 2020. Wolf will transition into a Chief Innovation Officer role focused on building the architecture for Eion to achieve and validate gigaton removal scale in the future.

Pavlovic brings deep expertise in global operations and software with a passion for driving global change through local impact. Before joining Eion, Pavlovic led operations, commercialization, and growth for the Agoro Carbon Alliance, which works with farmers to sequester carbon in soil. Prior to the Alliance, Pavlovic commercialized software solutions in the US and Canada for Yara’s Digital Farming organization. She has worked for venture-backed software companies scaling agtech and security products around the world. From West Virginia, Pavlovic holds dual B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Systems Engineering.

“Anastasia knows carbon removal, she knows agriculture, and crucially, she has a proven track record in high-growth emerging categories,” said Tom Shields, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “She has the perfect combination of experience in operations, sales, and engineering to build on Eion’s proven ability to scale and validate permanent carbon capture. With Anastasia at the helm, Eion will accelerate toward its goal of unlocking ERW’s potential to achieve one-third of humanity’s annual carbon removal goal.”

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