Ecospray And Captura Partner On Breakthrough Seawater CO2 Removal Project

Ecospray Partners With Captura For Breakthrough Seawater Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald

Ecospray, an Italian company specializing in integrated solutions for decarbonization, has partnered with Captura, a US-based company focused on carbon removal via the oceans.

Ecospray will be participating as a technical supplier in a groundbreaking pilot project to capture CO2 from seawater.

Captura, founded at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), has partnered with Equinor to develop an innovative system for carbon removal from seawater in a facility located on the west coast of Norway.

The ambitious pilot program will be constructed at Equinor’s processing plant in Kårstø, Norway, with the goal of capturing 1,000 tons of CO2 annually. It will employ Captura’s Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology to extract CO2 from seawater, with Ecospray supplying the CO2 liquefaction technologies.

Ecospray’s CO2 liquefaction method involves removing water, cooling, and then distilling the CO2 in order to optimize energy usage and concentration to achieve the necessary high purity levels.

After being captured at the Kårstø plant, the CO2 will undergo a process of water removal, followed by liquefaction and purification using Ecospray’s system. This purified carbon will then be utilized for the launch of the Northern Lights facilities, which is the first CO2 transport and storage infrastructure that is open to the public.

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Approximately 30 percent of worldwide carbon emissions are taken in by the oceans, playing a critical role in mitigating global warming. However, the continuous rise in carbon dioxide from human activities is causing the oceans to become more acidic and disrupt ecosystems.

Therefore, it is crucial to develop technologies that can extract CO2 from the atmosphere and ocean, and Captura’s DOC technology is working towards achieving this goal.

This collaboration between Ecospray and Captura highlights the importance of bringing together industry leaders to drive innovation and advance sustainable technologies. Ecospray plans to deliver the pilot’s CO2 liquefaction system by the third quarter of 2024.

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