EcoEngineers & Brilliant Planet Publish New Methodology For Ocean Carbon Removal

EcoEngineers & Brilliant Planet Publish New Methodology For Ocean Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald
Source: Benjamin Davies from Pixabay

Clean energy consulting company EcoEngineers has released a detailed crediting methodology to quantify and verify carbon dioxide removals (CDR) for London-based Brilliant Planet.

Brilliant Planet provides leading carbon removal solutions via its specialized technology, which is based on microalgae. 

Namely, the company harnesses the natural ability of marine macroalgal blooms to sequester and permanently store away carbon dioxide.

As the need for more robust methodologies for generating carbon credits becomes more pressing in the evolving carbon markets, this new paper provides a rigorous framework for the verification and quantification of carbon removals in a way that offers more transparency to the sector. 

The methodology details the issuance of carbon credits for each metric ton of CO2 removed from the atmosphere via Brilliant Planet’s algal blooms, located in land-based ponds.

These algal blooms are then dried and moved to permanent, purpose-built landfills with durability requirements for this storage solution being at least 1,000 years. 

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“Brilliant Planet’s approach to CDR has the potential to be a notable tool in the fight against climate change,” said David LaGreca, EcoEngineers’ director of voluntary carbon markets. “There is a lack of standardization in measuring the impact of CDR projects. For that reason, we crafted the methodology in accordance with ISO 14064-2:2019.” 

The approach has already won Brilliant Planet the Robotics & Automation Award 2023 for “Innovation in Sustainability,” recognizing the philosophy behind its Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) automation and control for its coastal microalgal cultivation system.

Dr. Raffael Jovine, co-founder and chief scientist at Brilliant Planet stated: “The methodology brings us one step closer to third-party verification of our process, which is good news for climate change.”

“With our technology, we can store biomass in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, while minimizing environmental impacts, fugitive gas leaks, and the remineralization of CO2. This new method incorporates measures to anticipate future environmental changes, ensuring its long-term effectiveness,” Jovine said. 

Another advantage of this methodology is its high adaptability that can help define the necessary requirements for other projects in coastal desert areas.

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