Eastern Pacific Upgrades Tankers with Carbon Capture Systems

Eastern Pacific Upgrades Tankers with Carbon Capture Systems - Carbon Herald

Eastern Pacific Shipping, a privately-owned ship management company based in Singapore, is seeking to speed up the decarbonization of the shipping industry and plans to upgrade at least five medium-range tankers with systems for carbon capture.

The shipowner has paired with Rotterdam-based Value Maritime to install the first carbon capture and filtering systems on two of its tankers in an aim to improve its decarbonization strategy. Depending on the test results, Eastern Pacific has the option to retrofit three more tankers with the technology. 

The deadweight sister vessels will be equipped with Value Maritime’s Filtree system, which filters sulfur and 99% of particulate pollution.

The technology will include a CO2 battery charging onboard which will be discharged in port and used by CO2 customers (for example greenhouses). The battery will then be returned on board for recharging. 

Eastern Pacific said the system can currently capture up to 40% of carbon emissions and can reach up to 90% in the future. 

“Carbon capture technology was missing in our existing portfolio of emission lowering solutions, which today consists primarily of alternative marine fuels,” said Cyril Ducau, CEO of EPS. “We believe the technology holds significant promise for reducing emissions for existing and future ocean-going vessels.”

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Carbon capture, in combination with alternative fuels and other measures, is key to speeding up the decarbonization efforts of the shipping industry in accordance with the International Maritime Organization target, Ducau also said. 

The system is fitted for small and medium-sized vessels and contributes to the reduction of the acidification of seawater by removing oil residue and particulate pollution. 

Eastern Pacific and Value Maritime are also looking into future opportunities for joint work. Those include utilizing the Filtree system on the shipowner’s newbuilds, and in particular its new containerships.

Eastern Pacific has a fleet of 200 vessels and is currently undertaking a green strategy aimed at decreasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. 

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