eAgronom Joins Forces With Gardskapital, Expands To Sweden

eAgronom Joins Forces With Gardskapital, Expands To Sweden - Carbon Herald
Source: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke via Pixabay

Ag tech company eAgronom is partnering up with Stockholm-based alternative lending firm Gardskapital to expand its presence to Sweden. 

eAgronom has been in the business of helping farmers adopt regenerative agriculture practices, both in order to mitigate climate change, as well as forge a more sustainable future with overall beneficial farming methods.

The strategic move will not only prove helpful to farmers in Sweden, but will also allow eAgronom to broaden the scope of its activities. 

Namely, the Estonian ag tech startup plans to initiate some of its first agroforestry trials in the Swedish market, which is also the largest agricultural market within Scandinavia.

Agroforestry, although a very challenging practice within the sustainable farming movement, is crucial to addressing global food production emissions. 

By teaming up with Gardskapital, eAgronom will be able to help farmers in Sweden transition to regenerative agriculture practices across 20,000 hectares of arable land this year already, following a series of field trials and scientific demonstrations for farmers interested in making the switch.

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With this latest partnership, the startup has now expanded its presence to a total of 10 European countries.

Robin Saluoks, CEO and co-founder of eAgronom, expressed his excitement to be entering the Swedish market: “Sweden is one of the most developed agricultural countries in the world. From the stories my father told about his visits to Swedish organic farms, it was innately clear how much farmers in the region care about their soils.” 

“eAgronom is going to make every effort to be an excellent partner to local farmers and food value chain stakeholders at each stage of the soil restoration journey,” Saluoks said.

Once trials in Sweden are complete, eAgronom plans on continuing its expansion throughout Scandinavia.

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