Dubai’s Blue Carbon And Zimbabwe To Develop Carbon Projects

Dubai's Blue Carbon And Zimbabwe To Develop Carbon Projects - Carbon Herald
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The Government of Zimbabwe and Blue Carbon, a decarbonization company based in Dubai, have officially signed an MoU to cooperate on the implementation of carbon projects and environmentally conscious initiatives in Zimbabwe.

The collaboration will cover a vast area of land, approximately 7.5 million hectares, which will be utilized to host sustainable programs within the field of Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU) regulated under Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement. This partnership is aligned with the goals the treaty stands for, aiming to tackle climate change and limit global warming and harmful emissions. 

The MOU marks the dedication of both Blue Carbon and the Zimbabwean authorities to drive substantial changes for a greener and more viable future. Together, they will work to implement projects that will not only reduce carbon emissions but also contribute to the preservation and rehabilitation of Zimbabwe’s natural resources.

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Both partners take great pride in the creation of Community Welfare Programs, which will use the funds acquired from carbon credits to boost the advancement of social initiatives concerning the enhancement of healthcare, education, skill development, the establishment of small-scale industries, and more, all aimed at improving the overall quality of life.

The collaboration with Zimbabwe has been met with enthusiasm by Josiane Sadaka, the CEO of Blue Carbon, who expressed their positive outlook for the partnership, adding that they aim to enhance both the environment and the well-being of the local communities inhabiting the project locations.

Blue Carbon’s expertise, coupled with the government’s support and commitment, will create an enabling environment for the implementation of sustainable carbon projects in the country. This collaboration sets a precedent for other countries and organizations to follow in the pursuit of climate solutions while also advancing Zimbabwe’s development agenda.

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