Downforce Technologies Receives $4.2M Funding For Innovative Carbon Measurement

Downforce Technologies Receives $4.2M Funding For Innovative Carbon Measurement - Carbon Herald

Downforce Technologies, a global company specializing in measuring and predicting soil organic carbon levels, has recently secured $4.2 million in funding.

The funding round was led by Equator VC, with participation from existing shareholders such as Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund, Dragonfly Enviro Capital, Perivoli Innovations, and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), which is managed by Virescent Ventures.

The innovative solution by Downforce Technologies for measuring carbon levels in soil has gained traction in the agriculture industry due to its accuracy and efficiency. With this significant investment, the company aims to further develop and enhance their innovative measurement mechanism.

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With increasing awareness about the importance of soil health in mitigating climate change, the demand for accurate carbon measurement tools is on the rise, but measuring soil organic carbon is a difficult task. 

Conducting in-field measurements can be costly, time-consuming, and carry a significant risk of error. Downforce Technologies specializes in solving these challenges by utilizing a cutting-edge approach.

Their natural capital analysis technology utilizes state-of-the-art science, modeling, and remote sensing to offer the most dependable, unbiased, and cost-efficient method for measuring soil organic carbon. 

This technology is invaluable in the current environmental emergency, as it provides crucial data that empowers farmers, landowners, and businesses to monitor their progress towards sustainability targets, unlock new revenue opportunities, and promote climate action.

Professor Jacquie McGlade, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Downforce, commented, We’ve built robust technology based on excellent science, a fantastic product, and a growing client base. This funding allows us to democratize access to the technology and empower a wider audience to make data-driven decisions for soil health and climate action.

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Downforce’s portfolio goes beyond just measuring soil carbon. In addition to providing these game-changing evaluations, the company also offers services for organizing and running certified carbon projects, operations for improving soil quality, and incorporating farm emissions data into net-zero emissions reports.

This recent infusion of capital will support Downforce’s expansion into international markets and the further development of their novel product.

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