“Dotz Nano’s Carbon-Based Solid Sorbent Represents The Next Evolution In Carbon Capture Technologies,” Sharon Malka, CEO Dotz Nano

"Dotz Nano's Carbon-Based Solid Sorbent Represents The Next Evolution In Carbon capture Technologies," Sharon Malka, CEO Dotz Nano - Carbon Herald
Sharon Malka, CEO of Dotz Nano. Credit: Dotz Nano Ltd

Nanotechnology has provided breakthroughs in multiple industries in the last years and with carbon capture presenting a suite of challenges it seems like there is opportunity for growth if companies manage to provide an innovative edge. Sydney-listed Dotz Nano has gathered a committed and enthusiastic group of professionals in chemistry, nanotechnology, and material science to do just that.

We interviewed CEO Sharon Malka who shared more about the company’s proprietary solid sorbents made out of plastic waste that capture efficiently CO2 from industrial flue gases. He also talked about the technology’s next commercialization phase, its recent listing in the U.S. OTC market and the funding agreement with Mercer to raise up to $8 million.

What does Dotz Nano do and what exactly is the carbon capture technology you provide?

Dotz Nano is a leading developer of innovative climate and industrial nanotechnologies tackling global environmental and industrial challenges. The Company’s primary focus is centered around ground-breaking carbon dioxide (CO2) management technologies leading towards a carbon-neutral future.

The Company’s proprietary carbon-based solid sorbent represents the next evolution in carbon capture technologies, offering an efficient and sustainable approach, facilitating industrial deep decarbonization, towards sustainable energy future.

DotzEarth point-source carbon capture sorbent technology utilizes pyrolysis process (thermal heating) to upcycle plastic waste into a polymeric nano-porous carbon sorbent specifically tailored to capture CO2 gases from industrial flue gas.

Developed at Rice University and fully characterized by SINTEF, Europe’s largest research institution for energy and climate technologies, the technology represents a new generation of carbon capture solid sorbents, demonstrating several benefits over existing technologies including energy efficiency, low cost of ownership, and longer lifetime.

How are your carbon capture materials more innovative than others in the space?

Unlike other solid sorbents, our innovative approach is focused on creating a solid nano-porous carbon sorbent, with an ideal pore size to effectively capture CO2 from different industrial emissions, leveraging its high porosity and surface area.

Dotz utilizes a simple and straightforward proprietary process mixing plastic waste from multiple sources with different salts to create polymeric nano-porous carbon sorbent and various non-toxic and valuable byproducts.

Dotz’s proprietary nano-porous carbon sorbent enables wide-scale CO2 capturing, demonstrating enhanced properties compared with commercial carbon-based sorbent: increased adsorption capacity, improved selectivity, and reduced regeneration energy.

DotzEarth sorbent technology offers substantial practical advantages for the future, and demonstrates potential to significantly drive down the cost of carbon capture.

What are your strategic partnerships in the sector?

We established strategic development collaborations with RICE university and SINTEF in order to advance optimization of our sorbent technology.

We completed the construction of a bench-scale demonstration unit for our carbon capture technology, demonstrating and confirming the effectiveness of our adsorbent, and will now be followed up with the design and building of a small-scale pilot unit to further advance the technology readiness on its path to market viability.

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We are also in discussions with several industrial players in a range of industries as well as other players in the CCUS value chain to potentially collaborate to further develop and adapt our technology to their specific needs and conditions, with the goal to move to industrial piloting down the road. In addition, we have recently joined the Global CCS Institute in order to expand our connections and accelerate commercialisation of our technology.

You recently signed a strategic funding agreement with Mercer to raise up to $8 million (A$12 million), how do you plan to utilize the investment? Would you share some details on the conditions of the agreement itself?

Our agreement with Mercer is a strategic and important milestone for the Company’s evolution. The placement provides us with the runway needed in the near-term so that we can execute on our work plans, pursue growth opportunities and capitalize on the technology potential.

Image: Dotz Nano

The funds from the placement will be used primarily to accelerate the development of our carbon capture technology – DotzEarth, and support the Company’s general working capital requirements. In the first step, we get $5 million in 3 tranches, and we have an option to upsize the deal with up to additional $7 million.

Dotz Nano also started trading on the US over-the-counter market on February 20, why did you decide to make this step?

We decided to establish an ADR program after receiving significant interest from US investors that were interested in investing in Dotz but were looking for a simple vehicle to make that happen.

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With investing in pure-play industrial carbon capture companies mostly undertaken in private markets, our new ADR program provides US ESG-conscious investors the opportunity to gain exposure to carbon-related investments. Our ADR is listed on the US over-the-counter (“OTC”) market under the symbol DTZNY.

What do you want to say to potential overseas investors? How can U.S. investors purchase Dotz Nano shares?

The major growth in carbon capture market in recent years, estimated to grow to hundreds of billions of dollars by 2030 have put carbon capture technology stocks in the spotlight. Investors all around the world are not blind to this promising development and are looking for investment opportunities that will enable them to take part in it.

Dotz Nano is one of a few public carbon capture technology companies. That together with our unique and proprietary promising technology put us on the radar for many investors and indeed we are happy to say that we do experience this demand.

What are your development plans going forward?

The recent results of the sorbent validation testing and the process simulations demonstrate the potential of our sorbent to significantly drive down the cost of CO2 capture. Following the completion of a bench-scale demonstration unit, we will now be moving on to the design and building of a small-scale pilot unit to further advance the technology readiness on its path to commercial viability.

Advancing the development of Dotz’s technology creates pathway towards further reduction of carbon removal costs. Our goal is to develop a system together with an industrial partner that will work with us in order to develop an optimal solution to its specific requirements. This type of collaboration will put us on the road to commercialisation.

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