Dotz Nano Signs Deal With SINTEF To Advance Carbon Capture Technology

Dotz Nano Signs Deal With SINTEF To Advance Carbon Capture Technology - Carbon Herald

Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) announced Thursday a technology development agreement with SINTEF Industry, a prominent European research and development (R&D) organization, to advance Dotz’s carbon capture technology for deep industrial decarbonization using SINTEF’s expertise in carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

No financial details were disclosed.

The initial focus of the collaboration will be optimizing Dotz’s sorbent-based carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology and constructing a bench-scale test unit, with the ultimate goal of developing the company’s first industrial pilot unit.

Dotz’s technology employs plastic waste to produce a carbon-based solid sorbent with nanosized pores for capturing and storing CO2 from flue gas.

The bench-scale unit, once developed, will demonstrate the efficiency of Dotz’s sorbent-based CO2 capture process with various industrial flue gases, according to the company’s statement.

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Sharon Malka, CEO of Dotz, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, highlighting SINTEF’s global expertise in climate technologies and emphasizing their commitment to providing eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for industrial emitters in hard-to-abate sectors.

The carbon capture industry is rapidly expanding and plays a pivotal role in the transition to cleaner energy systems, and Dotz looks forward to the advancement of its technology as a practical solution for industrial decarbonization, the executive said.

With over 30 years of experience in CCUS technologies, Norway-based SINTEF is dedicated to advancing future sustainable energy systems.

Jasmina H. Cavka, SINTEF’s Research Manager, said they see the collaboration with Dotz as a vital step toward achieving the global net-zero emissions goals, recognizing the importance of CO2 capture and storage technologies for industrial point sources in this endeavor.

On October 30, 2023, Dotz will hold an investor briefing, during which the partners will present the collaboration, followed by a Q&A session.

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