Dotz Nano Announced 1,000x Scale-Up Of Its Carbon Capture Tech

Dotz Nano Announced 1,000x Scale-Up Of Its Carbon Capture Tech - Carbon Herald

Dotz Nano Limited is celebrating a major breakthrough in the company’s carbon capture tech.

They’ve achieved a staggering 1,000-fold increase in sorbent production, significantly boosting their ability to convert plastic waste into a powerful CO2-absorbing material.

To accelerate their path to commercialization, Dotz Nano has bolstered its team with the appointment of a seasoned engineering leader, Daniel Vorenberg.

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These developments empower Dotz Nano to become a self-sufficient supplier of their top-tier carbon sorbent to potential industry partners. 

This marks a significant step towards making carbon capture solutions more affordable and environmentally friendly.

Earlier this year, the ASX-listed carbon capture technology company announced a strategic funding agreement with Mercer Street Global Opportunity Fund, LLC (Mercer), a buyout US-based investment fund, to raise up to A$12 million (~$7.8 million) via issuance of convertible notes. 

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Dotz Nano is channeling the funds to fast-track the development and market launch of DOTZearth, their innovative CO2 capture technology. 

They specialize in creating new sorbents, essentially materials that trap CO2 efficiently. These sorbents are designed with a unique, solid, and porous structure, featuring pores perfectly sized to capture CO2 molecules from various industrial sources.

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