DOE To Fund Test Centers For Carbon Capture, Removal And Conversion

DOE To Fund Test Centers For Carbon Capture, Removal And Conversion - Carbon Herald

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) announced their intent to issue funding to support research and development (R&D) projects focused on facilities to test a variety of carbon management technologies, including carbon capture, removal and conversion.    

This Notice of Intent (NOI) seeks to inform stakeholders regarding a potential funding opportunity for the development and implementation of a facility or facilities for the testing of new carbon capture, removal and conversion technologies that can be applied to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from point sources such as electric generating units and industrial manufacturing facilities, remove CO2 from the atmosphere, or convert captured CO2 into valuable products.

The selected carbon capture, removal and conversion testing centers would test individual or integrated carbon capture, removal and conversion technologies to prove their technical merit, reduce technical risks, and accelerate the demonstration and eventual commercial deployment of a suite of carbon management technologies and processes. 

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DOE encourages team-oriented approaches in response to this announcement.

Involvement of various stakeholders (for-profit and non-profit entities, academia, industry, and government) is seen as an important facet to providing fully integrated solutions to advance carbon management technologies.

It is considered critical that support services and analyses to be provided related to environmental performance, safety, and technical assistance be performed by individuals or organizations with professional capabilities in these areas.

This suite of carbon management technologies must be developed and deployed in a just and equitable manner to help the nation achieve its climate ambitions and promote its overall energy, environmental and economic progress.

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If issued, the potential funding opportunity is anticipated to include the following three areas of interest (AOIs):

  • AOI 1 — Carbon Capture, Removal, and Conversion Test Center at an Electric Generating Unit.
  • AOI 2 — Enabling Capital Improvements at an Existing Carbon Capture Test Center.
  • AOI 3 — Carbon Capture, Removal, and Conversion Test Center at a Cement Manufacturing Facility.

This notice of intent (NOI) is issued to give applicants ample time to prepare their proposals and form partnerships (if necessary) in anticipation of the upcoming issuance of the funding opportunity announcement. More information on this NOI can be found here.  

FECM minimizes environmental and climate impacts of fossil fuels and industrial processes while working to achieve net-zero emissions across the U.S economy.

Priority areas of technology work include carbon capture, carbon conversion, carbon dioxide removal, carbon dioxide transport and storage, hydrogen production with carbon management, methane emissions reduction, and critical minerals production.

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