DOE Makes $27 Million Available For CO2 Transport Networks

DOE Makes $27 Million Available For CO2 Transport Networks - Carbon Herald
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The DOES’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) has announced an additional $27 million for projects involving the transport of carbon dioxide (CO2) that has been captured at power generation plants, as well as from the atmosphere.

Project involving the development of transport infrastructure to sequestration sites or production facilities that utilize CO2 in their process are eligible for this particular funding opportunity.

“The United States will need to capture and permanently store significant quantities of carbon dioxide emissions in the coming decades to reach the Biden Administration’s decarbonization goals,” said Brad Crabtree, Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management.

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With CO2 transport networks still largely in their initial phases, this FOCM fund will be targeted towards front-end engineering and design (FEED) research of regional network. Assessing costs, configurations, as well as assessments of technical and commercial impacts are expected to be included in these studies.

The funding per FEED will be up to $3 million, with the expectation of generating nine studies.

More details for the funding opportunity are available at the projects opportunity summary page (registration required) with the application deadline set for November 16, 2023.

A previous round of funding for CO2 transport was announced by the DOE back in May, 2023, you can find more details about it from the link below.

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