DOE Awards TDA Research Up To $49M Funding For CO2 Capture

DOE Awards TDA Research Inc. With Up To $49M Funding - Carbon Herald

TDA Research Inc., a company creating innovative products for clients in the defense, aerospace, energy, and chemical sectors, has been awarded a contract by the US Department of Energy (DOE) valued at up to $49 million for a significant pilot project to evaluate a sorbent-based CO2 capture system after combustion. 

The energy technology developer has been chosen to discuss a multi-million dollar contract to evaluate a CO2 capture system at the Wyoming Integrated Test Center, close to Gillette, in a collaborative project with tech company SLB.

TDA Research Inc., a current tenant at the Wyoming ITC, began testing multiple carbon capture technologies in 2019 that are based on innovative sorbents and sorbent-membrane hybrids to eliminate carbon dioxide from flue gas.

Building on previous tests, the new project aims to support the safe and responsible commercial implementation of TDA’s sorbent-based technology. This technology has the potential to be expanded for use at coal plants globally.

TDA vice president of technology, Gokhan Alptekin, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with the DOE, its partners, and all stakeholders, including the local community, to showcase the effectiveness of its innovative carbon capture technology on a pilot scale.

As the project progresses and demonstrates the effectiveness of TDA’s sorbent-based technology in capturing CO2, it has the potential to attract interest and investment from coal plants and other industries looking to reduce their carbon footprint. 

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According to Frederick Majkut, the senior vice president of SLB, the rate at which carbon capture initiatives can prove their economic viability in different industries will have a major impact on accelerating the transition to net-zero emissions.

Majkut also shared that partnerships like this one help showcase the scalability of new technologies and reduce the risks associated with larger projects.

The Wyoming ITC has indicated that this project has the capability to capture 158,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, which is equivalent to the carbon emissions from 35,000 gas-powered cars in a year. 

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