DOE Announces 24 Semifinalists For Carbon Removal Purchase Pilot Prize

DOE Announces 24 Semifinalists For Carbon Removal Purchase Pilot Prize - Carbon Herald

The U.S. Department of Energy announced there will be 24 semifinalists for the first phase of the Carbon Dioxide Removal Purchase Pilot Prize. The companies will receive $1.2 million to accelerate their CO2 removal technologies and continue in the program which is set to distribute a total of $35 million.

Each company will be given $50,000 to support efforts to scale its respective technology with funding coming from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

The announcement is another sign of carbon removal’s growth in recent years with the industry’s largest nonprofit coalition – the Carbon Business Council – now representing more than 100 companies with more than $16.5 billion in combined assets. It’s Executive Director Ben Rubin commented on the announcement by saying: “The Carbon Business Council applauds the Department of Energy and the all first phase awardees of the carbon removal purchase pilot prize. We commend the Department of Energy for taking a tech-neutral approach with the prize and supporting a range of carbon removal pathways.

Everyone’s a winner in demand-side support policies to scale carbon removal, reflected in the catalytic impacts that come from the public procurement of removals and the principles for high-integrity carbon markets. We’re thrilled to see ongoing leadership from the U.S. government to reduce and remove emissions.”

Split into four groups by technology, the companies will receive varying levels of credits.

Direct Air Capture (DAC) with Storage – between 3,000 and 7,200 credits.

  • Avnos
  • Carbon America
  • CarbonCapture Inc
  • Climeworks
  • Global Thermostat (recently acquired by Zero Carbon Systems) and Fervo Energy
  • Heirloom
  • 1PointFive
  • 280 Earth
  • 8 Rivers

Biomass With Carbon Removal and Storage Technologies – 8,000 to 30,252 credits.

  • Arbor Energy
  • Carbon Lockdown
  • Charm Industrial
  • Clean Energy Systems
  • Climate Robotics
  • Graphyte
  • Vaulted Deep

Enhanced weathering and mineralization – from 4,561 to 9,900 carbon removal credits.

  • Alkali Earth
  • CREW Carbon
  • Eion
  • Lithos Carbon
  • Mati Carbon

Planned or Managed carbon sinks – from 3,000 to 6,521

  • Ebb Carbon
  • Equatic
  • Vycarb Inc

The CDR Purchase Pilot Prize is one of the two pathways within the $100 million Commercial DAC Prize. It is an integral component of the American-Made DAC Prize program’s series of interconnected competitions, which aim to promote the development and commercialization of DAC and CDR technologies and markets.

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