DNV Endorses Innovative Carbon Capture Methodology By Carbon8

DNV Endorses Innovative Carbon Capture Methodology By Carbon8 - Carbon Herald

DNV has recently endorsed an innovative carbon dioxide capture methodology developed by Carbon8, a leading cleantech company specializing in reducing CO2 emissions and managing thermal waste disposal. 

Carbon8 has been at the forefront of developing solutions for business sectors looking to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their environmental sustainability. Their methodology is specifically designed to help industries with hard-to-abate emissions reduce their CO2 output and effectively manage their waste disposal processes. 

The approval comes after Carbon8 chose DNV to verify that their methodology satisfies the criteria outlined in ISO 14064 Part 2, which are specifically focused on measuring, tracking, and reporting actions, methods, and procedures that have the potential to lower carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

After a thorough evaluation, DNV has confirmed that Carbon8’s process meets the ISO 14064 Part 2 standard. In addition, the technology repurposes waste materials, turning them into construction products and helping create a more sustainable built environment that absorbs carbon emissions.

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The methodology has been verified by DNV to ensure precise reporting, preventing the possibility of counting removals twice or including unsupported removals. 

Additionally, DNV confirmed that Carbon8’s approach accurately measures emissions reductions and removals, taking into consideration the emissions from equipment production, operation, and disposal. The method also establishes rigorous, transparent, and consistent monitoring protocols.

The endorsement from DNV serves as a testament to the efficacy and reliability of Carbon8’s innovative approach. This validation holds significant weight in the industry, as DNV is a trusted provider of assurance services on a global scale. 

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Reflecting on this development, Maarten van Roon, the Chief Commercial Officer of Carbon8, expressed that the primary goal of this methodology is to instill trust in their technology among customers in various sectors.

He added,“The telemetry in our operations provides a dataset that delivers transparency around quantity and provenance, underpinned by the recognition of a highly respected validation partner in DNV.”

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