DiviGas Raises $3.6M For New Hydrogen Separation Membrane

Start-up company DiviGas has raised $3.6 million to advance the commercialization of its groundbreaking polymeric hydrogen separation membrane. 

The membrane is capable of achieving a 99.95% purity of hydrogen from any feedstock composition. Furthermore, DiviGas’ technology boasts the best in class recovery rate and is best equipped to handle adverse feed conditions.

Among the main entities behind the funding are one of the world’s leading filtration and separation companies MANN+HUMMEL, Volta.VC in the United States, Energy Revolution Ventures in the UK and Albert Wenger – prominent climate investor from New York. 

Roughly 15% of the $110 billion worth of hydrogen gas that is produced in chemical plants, refineries and fertilizer facilities around the world is lost to flaring. That makes up a total of $16 billion in losses. 

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DiviGas’ hydrogen membrane is capable of recycling this H2 gas, which would save the average refinery between $3 and $6 million per year. Furthermore, the start-up’s proprietary technology even offers a 2-3x return on investment. 

And the unique, next-gen membrane’s advantages do not end there. 

In addition to recycling hydrogen that would otherwise be lost, the company also provides H2 generators the opportunity to integrate carbon capture solutions into their existing plants. 

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This is of critical importance due to the amount of CO2 emitted during the production of blue hydrogen, especially with predictions of the IEA saying the world will be generating some 200 million metric tons of H2 by 2050. 

Hence, DiviGas’ membrane can provide an ingenious two-in-one solution thanks to its new polymer composition that guarantees an unprecedented level of performance.

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