Dimensional Energy Launches CO₂ Utilization Plant In Arizona

Dimensional Energy Launches CO₂ Utilization Plant In Arizona - Carbon Herald

Dimensional Energy has started production at its pilot-scale CO2 utilization site in Tucson, Arizona. The company’s technology combines carbon and water through a proprietary process that uses renewable energy to create sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and replace fossil-fuel products such as plastics and cosmetics. 

United Airlines is among Dimensional Energy’s first investors and has signed a fuel purchase agreement for 300 million gallons of SAF. “United has made early investments in cutting-edge technologies at all levels of the supply chain, staking out our position as a leader in aviation sustainability and innovation,” said United Airlines Ventures President Mike Leskinen. “As the only airline committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050 without relying on carbon offsets, we recognized that our collaboration with Dimensional would not only help meet our sustainable aviation fuel goals but could transform the aviation industry.”

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The recently opened Dimensional Energy Tucson Technology Center at the University of Arizona’s (UA) Tech Park signal that the company’s products are ready to scale. Dimensional Energy has created a platform that could leverage the trillions of dollars of existing infrastructure for food, shelter, clothing, and transportation toward a circular economy, said Jason Salfi, co-founder and CEO at Dimensional Energy. The company has the potential to address 10% of all emissions globally by using emissions from one sector to reduce the emissions in another, he also said. 

The new plant in Tuscon will create hundreds of jobs while bringing down CO2 emissions, said U.S. Senator Mark Kelly.

Aviation accounts for about 3% of all emissions, and industrial emissions account for 11%. By capturing emissions from industry and producing sustainable fuels, Dimensional Energy could reduce emissions on the gigaton scale.  

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