DevvStream Launches First-Ever Blockchain-Based Carbon Offset Program Platform 

DevvStream Launches First-Ever Blockchain-Based Carbon Offset Program Platform - Carbon Herald

DevvStream, a technology-based CO2 credit project co-development and generation company, announced on Oct. 10 the launch of its Carbon Offset Program Platform (COPP). 

The COPP platform will utilize blockchain technology to offer an exhaustive and unalterable record of DevvStream’s CO2 offset projects, with the aim of increasing the transparency, integrity, and accessibility of the projects in the firm’s portfolio. 

DevvStream’s COPP is an in-house program management tool designed to oversee its offset programs, including the newly introduced Buildings and Facilities Carbon Offset Program (BFCOP). COPP offers detailed data about these programs, their participants, the methods employed, and more, all accessible to the public through Devvio‘s blockchain platform. The company is presently in the process of developing the public interface on its website. 

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“With COPP, we are taking a giant leap towards restoring faith in the carbon offset sector,” said Sunny Trinh, CEO of DevvStream. Using blockchain to share project data reflects DevvStream’s dedication to accelerating global decarbonization through technology, he also said.

The launch of the platform builds upon the introduction of the Buildings and Facilities Carbon Offset Program (BFCOP). The program’s goal is to reduce the barriers to entry for organizations looking to generate CO2 credit revenue, focusing on two primary categories: energy efficiency and fuel-switching activities, and onsite renewable power generation.

As COPP is integrated into DevvStream’s growing program portfolio, the company anticipates quickly increasing its scope. In the upcoming months, the platform is set to encompass data from all projects and programs, establishing itself as a comprehensive hub for carbon offset information.

Established in 2021, DevvStream is a technology-driven sustainability firm dedicated to advancing the growth and monetization of environmental assets, initially focused on carbon markets. DevvStream collaborates with governments and global corporations to help them realize their sustainability objectives by executing green technology projects. These initiatives generate renewable energy, enhance energy efficiency, mitigate emissions, and directly capture carbon from the atmosphere, resulting in the creation of CO2 credits.

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