Department Of Commerce Offers Funding For Marine Carbon Removal

Department Of Commerce Offers Funding For Marine Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald
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The US Department Of Commerce is offering funding for projects focused on deepening the understanding of marine carbon removal.

The aim of this grant is to have a clearer picture of the co-benefits and risks of Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (mCDR) and gather enough scientific research to build regulatory frameworks. 

Applications are already being expected with the expected number of awarded grants being up to 20. 

Each team will receive funding of at least $100,000 or a maximum of $2 million, where the total estimated program funding is $30 million. 

The closing date for applications is February 28, 2023, and these can be submitted directly on the website of the Department Of Commerce. 

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As for eligibility, to apply for the marine carbon removal funding program, teams must consist of representatives of at least two of the three following sectors: government, private sector (including NGOs) or academia. 

And although foreign institutions will not be able to be the primary recipients of the awards, they are still encouraged to form partnerships for the funding application. 

At this time, there is still much uncertainty around mCDR, relating to the durability of the carbon removal, as well as the risks and benefits associated with it. 

Through this program, the government hopes to shine more light onto the complex subject and contribute to the regulatory frameworks necessary for the testing and implementation of marine carbon removal approaches. 

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