Denmark Provides Largest Ever Government Subsidy For Carbon Removal

Denmark Makes Largest Ever Government Purchase Of Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald
Source: Erik Lyngsøe from Pixabay

In an unprecedented move, Denmark has secured the largest government subsidy for durable carbon dioxide removal (CDR). 

The subsidy worth a total of roughly $166 million (Dkr 1.1 billion) also marks the second-largest of its kind to date, following only the massive deal for the purchase of 2.76 million metric tons of CDR inked between Microsoft and carbon removal company Ørsted.

Denmark has agreed to buy a total of 1.1 million tons of durable carbon removal from three companies: BioCirc, Bioman ApS, and Carbon Capture Scotland.

All three companies specialize in providing biogenic CDR solutions, and together they will deliver 160,350 tons of CO2 removals per year for a 7-year period between 2026 and 2032.

“This corresponds to the annual CO2 absorption from approximately 16,000 hectares of forest,” the official announcement from the Danish Energy Agency says.

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“All three projects are expected to develop and mature the CCS value chain in Denmark,” the statement says. 

And in all three cases, the CO2 removed from the atmosphere is to be locked away in permanent storage sites on the territory of Denmark.

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This major announcement comes on the heels of five northern European countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands, signing an agreement for the transport and storage of carbon dioxide in the North Sea. 

Previously, the Danish government had also signed separate agreements with Belgium and the Netherlands for the cross-border transport and storage of CO2.

A similar agreement was reached between France and Denmark last month, as well, due to France’s limited ability to store captured emissions.

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  1. Any idea why Denmark is spending money on CDR rather than a/ closing its coal power plant and b/ encouraging its citizen to reduce their car and airplane usage?

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