Denmark Awards First CO2 Storage Permit For The Project Greensand

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Denmark has officially awarded its first CO2 storage permit for the offshore carbon capture and storage (CCS) Project Greensand.

The permit was granted specifically to INEOS E&P and Wintershall Dea, two of the companies involved in the project, and allows a time- and quantity-limited injection of carbon dioxide.

Namely, the injection and storage limit is set to 15,000 metric tons of CO2 over the coming four months, with an expiry date of April 1, 2023. 

The captured CO2 emissions are set to be injected deep underground, into the decommissioned Nini West oil field off the coast of Denmark. 

And the decision to grant the permit, which was made by the Danish Energy Agency, is said to have been based on the overall assessment of Project Greensand’s environmental impact, as well as the technical capacity of both INEOS and Wintershall Dea to safely execute the injection of CO2. 

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Other points that were considered by the Danish Energy Agency include both companies’ knowledge of the subsoil, as well as their plan to monitor the storage site. 

As a result of the assessment, the agency deemed the project safe to the surrounding protected areas, as well as the local protected species and their respective habitats. 

Thus, the decision to issue the CO2 storage permit marks the first of its kind in Denmark.

And, in turn, Project Greensand becomes all the more significant in its role of developing a blueprint for the international carbon capture value chain, which includes everything from technology to transportation and, not least of all, safety-responsible CO2 storage.

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