Denbury and Weyerhaeuser Agree On CO2 Sequestration Site in Mississippi

Denbury and Weyerhaeuser Agree On CO2 Sequestration Site in Mississippi - Carbon Herald
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Denbury and Weyerhaeuser today announced on Dec. 12 an agreement to evaluate and potentially deploy a CO2 sequestration site in Mississippi. Following the lease agreement, Denbury has the exclusive right to develop and operate about 16,000 acres of Weyerhaeuser-owned subsurface pore space in Simpson and Copiah Counties in Mississippi. 

Close to Denbury’s NEJD Pipeline in Mississippi, the site is about 35 miles south of the firm’s Jackson Dome field. Denbury plans to utilize the facility to permanently sequester industrial carbon dioxide in secure underground geologic formations. Weyerhaeuser will continue to manage the timberland land area as a sustainable working forest.

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According to Denbury estimates, the site will have a total sequestration capacity of about 275 million metric tons of carbon. This is Denbury’s first planned CO2 sequestration location in Mississippi, and the company already has sites along the U.S. Gulf Coast in Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. Denbury plans to drill a stratigraphic test well on the site next year to support the firm’s geologic interpretation and progress Class VI permitting with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Our agreement with Weyerhaeuser is a significant step in building out the Gulf Coast’s leading CO2 transportation and sequestration network,” said Nik Wood, Denbury’s Senior Vice President, CCUS. The Mississippi site’s location will allow for efficient development and increase the overall operational flexibility, he also said. 

Weyerhaeuser has announced a plan to grow its Natural Climate Solutions business, including through carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), forest CO2 offsets, renewable energy development, mitigation solutions, and conservation. Weyerhaeuser has selected several locations for potential sequestration projects across a portion of its 7-million-acre footprint in the United States. 

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