Delta CleanTech To Go Public, As Carbon Capture Demand Grows

Delta CleanTech To Go Public, As Carbon Capture Demand Grows - Carbon Herald
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Climate change is on the agenda in both the US and Canada and companies with longstanding carbon capture experience could be getting a new lease of life. Delta CleanTech, a spin-off from HTC Extraction Systems, has announced plans for a direct listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange. The move aims to attract investments that will allow it to expand its engineering and sales operations to grow in key global markets.

In March we reported that Delta will be focusing on capturing CO2 and CEO Jeff Ellison said: “There has been a recent surge in new CO2 capture projects, and these new projects are being driven by increased carbon taxes, environmental and social governance (ESG) requirements, and increased CO2 mitigation funding provided by both the Alberta and Canadian Governments. We expect to see this trend continue.”

Delta CleanTech Targeting Global Markets

It appears now the company has identified similar opportunities in large global markets as well.

The Calgary-based company spun-off from HTC Extraction Systems in January, as it was searching for a more nimble approach to a market that could see exponential growth in the coming years and decades. It finalized a $7.5 million funding round this March and filed its exchange prospectus shortly after.

Delta’s tech was recently in the spotlight around the Carbon XPRIZE competition, where it was used by competitors and also saw CarbonCure, another Canadian company, win a $7.5 million award.

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