Delta CleanTech Announces 3 New Projects In China

Delta CleanTech Announces 3 New Project Opportunities In China - Carbon Herald
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Delta CleanTech (CSE:DELT, FRA: 66C) has just announced its strategic expansion in China after entering into a partnership with the Chenglin Group of China. 

The aim of the partnership is to expand Delta’s carbon capture operations in the budding Chinese carbon market.

The announcement comes just as China’s leader, Xi Jinping, pledged to accelerate emission cuts in the most emissions-intensive economy so as to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. 

China’s pledge was very well received by environmentalists around the world. 

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And it is what has brought about the Delta CleanTech expansion in China. Delta has already found success in three significant carbon capture projects in the country.

The partnership with the Chenglin and Wison Groups will allow the company to gear up its operations and meet the growing demand for emission reductions. 

Paving the way for this strategic relationship is carbon capture expert and 15-year veteran in the field Dr. Tony Yang.

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In his comment on Delta’s expansion, Dr. Yang said: “By building the strategic partnership with local companies, Delta is happy to bring its world-leading and engineering CCUS technologies into China, so as to seamlessly and commercially integrate the industrial emitters with CO2 utilization in various sectors, making its due contribution to achieving the Dual Carbon Targets in China.”

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