Delagua Live Well Clean Cookstove Program Announces Major Developments

Delagua Live Well Clean Cookstove Program Announces Major Developments - Carbon Herald

DelAgua made two major announcements last week that are marking progress in increasing the scope of clean cookstoves in developing countries. The organization signed Letters of Authorisation (LoA) with the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), the Designated National Authority for the Government of Rwanda (GoR), which is a critical step towards obtaining a corresponding adjustment (CA).

VERRA has also confirmed that the DelAgua verified carbon units (VCUs) have received the corresponding adjustment (CA) tag which is the first CA tag issued by VERRA.

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DelAgua is the world’s leading carbon project developer in clean cookstoves for rural sub-Saharan Africa. Through its Live Well program, DelAgua has delivered over 1.5 million stoves that use fuel more efficiently to save emissions and improve lives within communities.

DelAgua and the GoR have been working in partnership for 12 years on the clean cookstove and education program Live Well, known as “Tubeho Neza”. The partnership has distributed 1.5 million stoves free of charge across rural Rwanda to communities who have been unable to access clean cooking because of a lack of affordability. The GoR and DelAgua have worked together over the past 3 years addressing the requirements of a CA to achieve this landmark signing of LoAs.

These are among the first LoAs to be signed with a government and represent an important milestone for Rwanda, DelAgua and for the carbon market as a whole. Carbon financing has enabled the transformation of more than 7 million lives and the LoAs will ensure clean cooking will reach 2.3 million homes: every rural household across Rwanda.

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Chairman and Founder of DelAgua Neil McDougall has commented: “These landmark LoAs are a demonstration of the true partnership between DelAgua and the Government of Rwanda. Together, over 12 years, we have transformed lives and nature across Rwanda. The Rwandan Government has led the way in leveraging carbon finance to benefit their communities and address climate change at scale. We are immensely proud of this partnership and of our exceptional Rwandan team who have built Tubeho Neza and continue to educate and support families. The LoAs mean DelAgua will be the first project developer offering credits with Corresponding Adjustments on VERRA. I am particularly pleased to be able to share this positive news for climate action and vulnerable communities during COP 28.”

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