Deep Sky Survey: Majority Of Québecers Support Carbon Removal

Deep Sky Survey: Majority Of Québecers Support Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald

According to a survey commissioned by Canadian carbon removal company Deep Sky, the vast majority of Québecers support the use of carbon removal as a climate change solution.

The survey was conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights among 1,202 residents of Quebec, with the aim of gauging public opinion on climate change. 

With an overwhelming 86% of people surveyed worried about the effects of the climate crisis, the findings reveal significant concern among the general population. 

Further, the Deep Sky survey shows that 75% of Québecers believe that the government is not doing enough to tackle the climate crisis and should be dedicating more efforts toward coming up with viable solutions. 

And diving deeper into the matter of climate solutions, respondents were specifically asked about their opinion on investments in carbon removal technology and whether or not the Canadian government should use the nascent technology to fight climate change. 

In both cases, the vast majority of respondents expressed their support (76% and 70%, respectively), and the results were consistent for all party representatives. 

Source: Deep Sky
Source: Deep Sky

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Damien Steel, CEO of Deep Sky, commented on the survey results: “Québecers have spoken, and their wishes are clear.”

“They want to see the province, and Canada more broadly, take a leadership role in combating the climate emergency. These findings demonstrate clear support for decarbonization and an opportunity to put Canada on the global stage as the carbon removal capital of the world,” Steel said. 

Deep Sky currently positions itself as the world’s first gigaton-scale carbon removal company and has been expanding its reach in leaps and bounds by forging strategic partnerships with a growing number of carbon removal providers in the last months. 

So far, the Montreal-based company has raised $75 million from world class investors, including Whitecap Venture Partners, Investissement Québec, BDC Climate Fund, and others. 

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