Deep Sky & Skyrenu Partner On Carbon Removal In Canada

Deep Sky & Skyrenu Partner On Carbon Removal In Canada - Carbon Herald
Source: Deep Sky

Carbon removal project developer Deep Sky has announced its partnership with direct air capture (DAC) company Skyrenu Technologies. 

This collaboration marks the latest in a series of similar partnerships that Montreal-based Deep Sky has forged in the last few months, making it the world’s first gigaton-scale carbon removal project developer.

The company brings together some of the most promising carbon removal solutions, thus generating what it claims to be the largest supply of engineered, high-quality carbon credits.

By joining forces with Deep Sky, Skyrenu will install a new DAC unit with a carbon removal capacity of 50 metric tons per annum. 

The DAC unit is set to be installed at Skyrenu’s Alpha Lab test facility, and once it becomes operational, its performance will be closely monitored in order to validate the technology for commercial deployment. 

Skyrenu was founded back in 2021 in Quebec, Canada, and is a product of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal student competition, which it won in the same year. 

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“As we source cutting edge DAC technologies from around the globe, we’re proud to highlight innovators in our own backyard of Quebec,” said Damien Steel, Deep Sky CEO.

“A product of Sherbrooke University, Skyrenu represents the impressive decarbonization research and development coming out of higher education. We’re thrilled to deploy it at our Alpha facility, where we test carbon removal processing units before deploying them at scale.” 

Gabriel Vézina, CEO of Skyrenu, also commented on the newly announced partnership and welcomed the opportunity it provides to forge a ‘sustainable future for Québec and beyond’ by slowing the devastating effects of the climate crisis.

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