Deep Sky Is Bringing Together The Entire Carbon Removal Value Chain

Deep Sky Is Bringing Together The Entire Carbon Removal Value Chain - Carbon Removal
Source: Deep Sky

Montreal-based Deep Sky is a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) project super-developer that is on a mission to rapidly scale CDR. 

To do this, the Canadian organization is partnering with carbon removal companies from all over the world to bring together the entire CDR value chain.

One of the primary reasons Deep Sky has focused its carbon removal efforts in Canada is the country’s unique geology and access to renewable energy sources. 

“We can capture from the air every single ton of CO2 that humanity has emitted since the dawn of the industrial revolution and store it in Western Canada, because the capacity is so great,” says Phil De Luna, PhD, Chief Carbon Scientist and Head of Engineering at Deep Sky. 

Hence, on the Carbonsations podcast, De Luna goes on to describe Canada as ‘the best place in the world to build carbon removal at scale.’

Specifically, the Montreal-based super-developer is focused on scaling the most permanent, measurable and mechanical engineered carbon removal solutions, namely, direct air capture (DAC) and direct ocean capture (DOC).

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“If you think about all the different routes of carbon removal from nature-based solutions to the engineered, mechanical-based closed-system removals, and everything in between, we focus on the ‘hardest’ stuff, because we can measure every single ton of CO2 removed from the atmosphere or from the ocean.” 

“That is what provides us with the fungibility and tangibility to generate a carbon credit, where you know with certainty that the dollar that you spent on that removal is there,” De Luna says. 

Deep Sky is hoping to announce in the coming months that all of the CO2 removed via its Deep Sky Labs facilities during their first 10 years and used to generate carbon credits will actually be sold.

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