Deep Sky And Sustaera To Explore Carbon Removal In Canada

Deep Sky And Sustaera To Explore Carbon Removal In Canada - Carbon Herald

Deep Sky, the Canadian carbon removal project developer, and Sustaera, a US-based modular Direct Air Capture (DAC) company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore carbon removal technology in Canada.

As part of the agreement, both parties agree to explore deployment of a Sustaera unit at one of Deep Sky’s future commercial facilities that will have a total capability of removing approximately 1,000 to 5,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Additionally, the partners agree to share data for technology evaluation and to help advance the carbon removal industry.

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Sustaera’s carbon-negative, cost-effective, and modular DAC system works around the clock in any geographic location and in multiple temperatures ranging from open grasslands to arid deserts to tropical savannas, serving as the cornerstone of a rapidly expanding carbon ecosystem.

Sustaera’s technology can effectively remove CO2 in below zero conditions, which allows for support of geological assets in both Canada and Alaska. Its solution is engineered to harness renewable electricity, without requiring heat from fossil fuel sources. Sustaera’s DAC technology also features energy consumption as low as 1,500 kWh/ton.

“Now that Deep Sky Labs is at 100% capacity, we’re thrilled to begin evaluating partners for further phases of development,” said Damien Steel, Deep Sky CEO.

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“Sustaera’s novel DAC tech represents a low energy pathway to remove carbon at a massive scale. Named an XPRIZE Top 100 most promising carbon removal innovator this year, we’re proud to partner with Sustaera as we plan our commercial-scale CDR facilities that aim to reverse climate change.”

“Our use of modular component design allows us to rapidly scale this technology using existing supply chains and manufacturing infrastructure to achieve low carbon removal costs,” said Ben Gardner, Sustaera CEO.

“Those benefits stand out to innovative project developers like Deep Sky, who are looking to rapidly scale carbon removal to limit global warming.”

Together, Deep Sky and Sustaera are committed to developing and deploying cutting-edge carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. High-quality CDR is essential for achieving net zero emissions goals and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

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