Deep Sky And atdepth MRV To Advance Direct Ocean Capture In Canada

Deep Sky And atdepth MRV To Advance Direct Ocean Capture In Canada - Carbon Herald
Source: Deep Sky

Deep Sky, a Montreal-based carbon removal project developer, and atdepth MRV, a Cambridge, Mass.-based provider of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) services to the ocean and marine carbon dioxide removal (mCDR) industry, have partnered to advance Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) in Canada.

atdepth MRV, an MIT spin-off company, will provide Deep Sky with two fully integrated ocean monitoring systems to evaluate the baseline ocean conditions such as pH, carbon content, and physical oceanography around Deep Sky Labs’ ocean facility.

As the world’s largest carbon sink, the ocean absorbs 30% of carbon emissions from human activities. Deep Sky Labs’ ocean facility will pull carbon out of ocean water, replacing it with water that has a decreased amount of carbon in it. That returned water (which has less carbon) can then absorb CO2 from the air.

Carbon dioxide must be drawn from both the air and ocean because of a natural ocean/air exchange of carbon. An increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere directly leads to an increase in the amounts absorbed by the oceans, so it must be removed from both at the same time. As part of the partnership, atdepth MRV will quantify the effectiveness and impact of Deep Sky’s CO2 drawdown.

Part of Sea Ahead’s and the New England Aquarium’s Blue Swell accelerator program and funded by the US Department of Energy ARPA-E SEA-CO2 program, atdepth integrates multi-scale ocean and biogeochemical modeling with monitoring data. Its GPU-based modeling system unlocks multi-scale modeling from global oceans down to the meter-scale, with real-time performance. Continuous monitoring is the key in turning carbon removal estimates into high-certainty carbon removal credits.

“Leveraging the ocean’s natural carbon removal abilities to combat greenhouse gas emissions is a strategic way to combat the climate crisis,” said Damien Steel, Deep Sky CEO. “atdepth’s industry-leading MRV will provide us with an understanding of ocean dynamics and help ensure that our DOC units are performing efficiently. Ultimately, it will allow us to provide the highest quality carbon removal credits to our commercial customers.”

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“Carbon dioxide removal from the ocean is complex, given ever-changing conditions,” said Carlos Muñoz Royo, atdepth CEO. “Thanks to our ocean and biogeochemical modeling system, we are developing processes to accurately quantify ocean carbon removal for CDR companies like Deep Sky.”

Together, Deep Sky and atdepth are committed to developing and deploying cutting-edge carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. High-quality CDR is essential for achieving net zero emissions goals and mitigating the impacts of climate change. 

Deep Sky is working to build large-scale carbon removal and storage infrastructure in Canada. As a project developer, the company is bringing together the most promising carbon dioxide removal and sequestration technologies to commercialize solutions at scale.

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