Deep Sky, Airhive To Deploy Direct Air Capture Unit in Canada

Deep Sky, Airhive To Deploy Direct Air Capture Unit in Canada - Carbon Herald

Montreal-based carbon removal project developer Deep Sky and UK-based direct air capture (DAC) startup Airhive are set to deploy a groundbreaking DAC unit in Canada, marking one of the world’s largest installations of its kind.

Scheduled to start operation in 2024 at Deep Sky’s pilot facility in Quebec, the modular DAC unit, developed by Airhive, boasts a remarkable capacity to remove 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year.

Airhive’s technology relies on a distinctive fluidization process, which utilizes gases, such as air, to transform static solid particles, specifically carbon-absorbing rock minerals, into a “fluid” state.

By reforming these particles into smaller units with high surface areas, Airhive accelerates a naturally occurring earth process, simulating a turbulent sandstorm-like cloud.

In under 0.1 second, this process achieves close to 100% removal of CO2 from the air, a task that typically takes thousands of years in nature.

Once operational, Deep Sky and Airhive will closely monitor the DAC unit’s performance at the Alpha facility in Quebec.

Data collection will focus on CO2 removal efficiency, energy consumption, and other critical metrics, contributing to the validation of this technology for commercial deployment in Canada.

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The partnership is in line with Deep Sky’s overarching mission is to position Canada as a global leader in carbon removal.

“It’s only fitting that our fourth DAC unit to be deployed at our pilot facility is a unique fluidization technology from Airhive,” Deep Sky’s CEO, Damien Steel, said in a company statement Tuesday.

Airhive’s CEO, Rory Brown, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the system’s annual 1,000-ton capacity as a testament to their commitment to rapidly scaling low-cost, energy-efficient DAC solutions.

The collaboration underscores a shared commitment to pioneering cutting-edge carbon dioxide removal technologies, crucial for achieving net-zero emissions objectives and addressing the challenges of climate change.

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