Decarb Connect Webinar On Scaling Innovative Technologies To Take Place March 9th

Decarb Connect Webinar On Scaling Innovative Technologies To Take Place March 9th - Carbon Herald

A free webinar will take place this week to support collaboration among decarbonization leaders in the most energy-intensive sectors. Decarb Connect – the members’ network connecting companies from hard-to-abate sectors looking to cut emissions, will host Free Webinar Panel Discussion: Scaling Innovative Technologies to Accelerate Decarbonisation. 

The event will take place on Thursday 9th March 2023 at 4pm GMT or 11am ET. Participants can register to attend it here

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Decarb Connect webinar is suited for industrials looking to partner with essential disruptive technologies and tech disruptors looking for insights on how to attract investors and industrial partners for their technology.

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According to the event announcement, the topics of discussion are as follows:

  • How industrials, investors and start-ups are managing risk across their collaborations.
  • Examples of technologies ready to tackle industrial-scale decarbonization.
  • Examples of recent acquisition of decarbonization technologies and their impact on emissions – H2, CCUS, biomass and more.

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  • Milestones for start-ups when working with industrials – key goals when implementing a new technology and how best to collaborate.
  • Where there are opportunities for new innovators and start-ups – what does the future hold for new technologies?

Speakers are: Brittany Harris – Co-Founder and CEO of QualisFlow, Marzia Zafar – Deputy Director of Strategy & Decarbonization at Ofgem, Hallam Wheatley – Collaboration Lead at Glass Futures, Dylan Loudon – Technology Manager: Energy Research & Technology at Sasol.

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