Decarb Connect Global Festival: Accelerating Industrial Decarbonization

This week, Decarb Connect is hosting its Global Festival over the course of three days, from January 25th until the 27th. 

The virtual event is set to give the stage to over 60 experts in the field of the decarbonization of industry and hard-to-abate sectors. 

And it is expected to have in excess of 300 attendees. 

The event is structured in a way that focuses mainly on panel discussions and private roundtable discussions with presentations kept to a minimum and no sales pitches whatsoever. 

Anyone attending is encouraged to become an active participant in the discussion rather than just a passive listener. 

Participants will also have access to the Decarb Connect Networking Platform, which they can use to set up meetings and chat up other event attendees. 

Who will be at the Decarb Connect Festival?

On the impressive list of experts that will be attending the Global Festival are representatives of major industry players, such as Carbon Clean, Drax Group, the Global Cement and Concrete Association, Northern Lights, and many others. 

International banks and large investment funds will also be represented at the Decarb Connect festival, including Blackrock, Credit Suisse and Bank of America.

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Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the concrete decarbonization efforts of major energy corporations, directly from the source. 

For instance, Shell’s VP of Decarbonisation Technologies Nick Flinn will be among the first speakers to have the floor during the event. 

And the issue of decarbonization will be thoroughly examined from all angles: financial, technological, strategic and political. 

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Some of the subtopics that will be touched on during the Decarb Connect Global Festival include but will certainly not be limited to carbon offsets, carbon markets and hydrogen. 

There is a limited number of free passes available to those working in energy intensive industries. 

And everyone else is welcome to purchase their ticket directly on Decarb Connect’s platform, with group discounts also available. 

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