Data Collection Buoys Are Now Live On Lake Maurepas To Help Track Carbon Capture Project

Data From Buoys On Lake Maurepas Is Now Live - Carbon Herald
Source: Mark from Pixabay

Southeastern Louisiana University set up buoys on Lake Maurepas that would collect data about the lake’s health due to the nearby carbon capture work by Air Products

The project was announced in late 2022 with the intention of providing independent, scientific monitoring of the Lake Maurepas ecosystem. 

The data from the buoys on Lake Maurepas is now available to the public and is updated regularly, every 30 minutes, and can be viewed freely on the university’s website

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Users can find information regarding the water’s quality readings, which includes data on CO2 levels, pH, temperature, salinity, turbidity, conductivity, and oxygen concentration.

Another buoy is placed near the  Blind River, and it gathers information related to rain totals and intensity, air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and directions, dew point, and other factors. 

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