Daily Carbon Industry Brief – Nov. 23rd, 2021

Daily Carbon Industry Brief - Nov. 23rd, 2021 - Carbon Herald
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As climate change becomes an ever more pressing issue by the day, many new initiatives are being launched to help battle the climate crisis. Here is our summary of what has been happening in the carbon industry today. 

Coal gets new opportunity to become carbon-neutral

A new feasibility study in Australia showed how a new Allam-Fetvedt Cycle technology could help decarbonize the coal industry and could boost the country’s energy export revenues by 71%. Not only does the technology capture CO2 emissions, it also produces saleable hydrogen in the process. More on that here

Singapore to quadruple its sustainable products output

Singapore will be transforming its Jurong Island oil hub into a sustainable energy and chemicals park, as was announced today by Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong. The initiative aims to increase the sector’s output of sustainable products four times and reduce CO2 emissions by 6 million metric tons per year by 2050

US House of Representatives approves largest climate budget in history

Of the $2.2 trillion spending bill approved, the staggering number of $555 million will be provided for programs that will curb emissions – the largest amount ever spent by the federal government on efforts to battle the climate crisis. Here’s more on the subject. 

World’s largest carbon capture project faces strong opposition in the Midwest

The 2,000 mile-long CO2 pipeline network known as the Midwest Carbon Express is facing strong pushback from farmers and landowners, whose properties the pipeline is set to run through. Despite the massive 10 million tons of carbon that the pipeline is expected to transport, Midwesterners worry their land could be ‘stolen’ from them if they refuse to grant access. Read more about the project and the controversy surrounding it here

SK Innovation choose Honeywell technology to study carbon capture potential in green hydrogen production

South Korean energy refining company SK Innovation will be conducting a feasibility study on carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) with the aim of retrofitting its hydrogen plant with CCS. The technology chosen for the purpose is Honeywell UOP. 

Alberta and Japan’s Jogmec join forces to explore clean energy opportunities

As Canada’s leader in climate action, Alberta has signed a memorandum of understanding with Japan’s state-owned oil and gas company Jogmec to explore carbon capture and hydrogen production. Eventually, the collaboration is intended to supply Japan with clean energy. Read more

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