Daily Carbon Industry Brief – Nov. 22nd, 2021

Daily Carbon Industry Brief - Nov. 22nd, 2021 - Carbon Herald
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As climate change becomes an ever more pressing issue by the day, many new initiatives are being launched to help battle the climate crisis. Here is our summary of what has been happening in the carbon industry today. 

Svante and Technip to work together on carbon capture in Europe and Middle-East

The partnership intends to work on Svante’s solid sorbent carbon capture technology, further developing it and providing integrated solutions. Both sides will evaluate opportunities for industrial carbon capture projects in Russia, Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. Read more here

Climeworks starts the holiday season with unique, eco-friendly gifts

This year, anyone can surprise a loved one (and the planet) with a unique type of gift made possible by Climeworks. The gift is carbon removal, where you can choose to purchase one of three fixed amounts of CO2 removal and provide an inspiration for climate action.

Skanska to start planting trees to offset CO2 emissions

The Swedish-based construction and development company has announced an initiative to plant trees over the next two years, as a measure intended to fight climate change. This is part of Skanska’s strategy to become climate-neutral by 2045. More on the matter here

Australia releases Bioenergy Roadmap

Australia has been the subject of much controversy due to failed attempts to meet climate targets and curb emissions. However, the country has now released its first Bioenergy Roadmap that will help bring emissions down and potentially contribute A$10 billion to the GDP. 

China ramps up carbon capture and other climate initiatives

The world’s largest CO2 emitter has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060, and indeed the country is experiencing a massive movement of new climate initiatives, including carbon-neutrality institutes, carbon capture and sequestration technologies, and more. Read here

World Economic Forum publishes Net-Negative guidelines

Reducing our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions will not suffice if we are to effectively stop climate change. What is needed is the removal of existing CO2 from the atmosphere, and to show world leaders how that can be done, WEF has published a whitepaper that lights the way. 

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