CUR8 Helps O2 Arena Stage First “Carbon-removed” Concert In London

CUR8 Helps O2 Arena Stage First "Carbon-removed" Concert In London - Carbon Herald
The 1975 frontamn Matty Healy. Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

The O2 Arena will become the first venue operator to calculate and compensate for its emissions with the help of carbon removal platform CUR8.

The 1975’s headlining shows in January 2024 will be the first to incorporate the process which provides an estimate for the CO2 emissions related to every aspect of the event. Transport of fans, staff and the band to the location make up the bulk of the footprint but catering, merchandise production and general energy consumption will also be taken into account.

The calculation itself will be based on a model provided by A Greener Future, a Canadian non-profit that focuses on event sustainability. Data from previous events with similar attendances and footprints was used to essentially predict the impact of future events.

Screenshot from the ticket purchase process for The 1975’s O2 Arena concert on 12 January, 2024. Image:

The next step of the process is new in terms of the selected type of offsets.

The O2 have partnered with CUR8, a platform that focuses exclusively on “carbon removals,” a set of technological and natural methods that remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

CUR8 co-founder Mark Stevenson commented on the approach to this pilot event by saying: “What’s great about these shows is that we can demonstrate that it is now possible to fold the cost of removing the residual CO2 into the existing business model, such that fans won’t notice any difference in the gig experience. As The O2 continues to drive down emissions going forward, the investment per gig for carbon removals will only get smaller.”

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Unlike the more widely-known forest protection and planting carbon offsets, these technologies rely on filtering air or water through machines which separate and collect CO2 (though there are also nature-based methods like enhanced mineralization and carbon farming).

The pilot event will also be the first time the broader public will learn about carbon removal, as tickets will display a small $1.12 (90p) fee that will go towards the projects CUR8 will fund.

With the fee spread across the audience, the event will be promoted as “carbon removed” and will also provide a real-world environment for testing the entire concept and ultimately provide a blueprint for the event management industry.

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