CryoCollect Raises $4.3M To Advance Its Carbon Capture Technology For Biogas

CryoCollect Raises $4.3M To Advance Its Carbon Capture Technology For Biogas - Carbon Herald

CryoCollect, a startup specializing in biogas carbon capture, has secured $4.3 million (€4 million) in funding from Engie New Ventures, the corporate venture arm of French multinational utility company Engie (EPA: ENGI), and GTT Strategic Ventures.

Founded in 2017 in Paris, CryoCollect focuses on the treatment, purification, and liquefaction of gases such as biomethane, carbon dioxide (CO2), and hydrogen.

Their technology captures, purifies, and liquefies CO2 from biogas produced through anaerobic digestion.

This process creates liquid biogenic CO2, which can replace fossil CO2 in industries such as food and beverage and synthetic fuel production.

In a statement published Tuesday, CryoCollect’s CEO and co-founder, Haytham Sayah, expressed excitement about the partnership with Engie and GTT, highlighting their commitment to accelerating the energy transition.

Sayah noted the synergy between CryoCollect’s technology and Engie’s activities in biogas production, bio liquefied natural gas (bio-LNG), and industrial energy efficiency.

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Biogas, derived from organic waste in anaerobic digesters at waste facilities or landfill sites, is processed into biomethane or bio-LNG.

Biomethane, with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions than fossil natural gas, supports the decarbonization of sectors like road transport and heavy industry without requiring new infrastructure.

Johann Boukhors at Engie New Ventures emphasized the strategic fit of CryoCollect in their investment portfolio, marking it as the third biogas-related investment and the first in carbon management.

In turn, Camille Bonenfant-Jeanneney at Engie Renewable Gases Europe praised the energy-efficient carbon capture technology developed by CryoCollect, calling it “the new standard of the biogas industry”.

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