Cowi Completes Pre-FEED Stage Of Viridor’s Runcorn Carbon Capture Project

Cowi Completes Pre-FEED Stage Of Viridor's Runcorn Carbon Capture Project - Carbon Herald
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Viridor’s Runcorn Carbon Capture Project is moving ahead in its stage of development. Cowi – a leading international engineering consulting group, has completed the pre-FEED (front end engineering and design) stage of that plant.

The Runcorn Carbon Capture and Storage Project is one of the first energy-from-waste facilities in the world to have carbon capture fitted to reduce emissions. The project is also Cowi’s first CCS initiative in the UK.

Cowi has worked with project stakeholders who are also leading expected to develop the Basis of Design for the carbon capture plant as well as project timelines, and risk register. It also reviewed cost and specifications from vendors for the installation of carbon capture technology. Several optimisations were also put forward to maximise the energy efficiency of the plant.

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Once operational, the facility will capture around 900,000 tons of CO2 annually, 50% of which includes biogenic CO2, which means it will also remove 450,000 tons emissions from the atmosphere annually.

Next, the project will move into a transition phase ahead of FEED with the CCS technology expected to be deployed by 2025.

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