Covanta Partners With O.C.O Technology For Carbon Capture

Covanta Partners With O.C.O Technology For Carbon Capture And Utilization - Carbon Herald

The public energy-from-waste company Covanta signed a carbon capture contract with a specialist in the field – O.C.O Technology – a UK-based company specializing in carbon capture, sustainable construction products and waste treatment.

According to both companies, the contract is a “multi-million-pound” deal. It entails the recycling of air pollution control residues (APCr) from two new energy recovery facilities, operated by Covanta. The facilities – Newhurst and Protos are joint plants of Covanta and Biffa and are located in Cheshire and Leicestershire. 

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Estimates show that 14,000 tons of APCr will come out of the Newhurst site and 17,000 tons from Protos. The O.C.O process involves utilizing such residues as construction products. The result is a carbon negative aggregate, which is being supplied to the construction industry as a sustainable construction material. 

It is called carbon negative as it permanently captures more CO2 in the process than is used in its manufacturing. O.C.O claims the products produced using its technology saves the equivalent of carbon dioxide sequestered from planting 4,000 trees every year.

“We are delighted that the partnership with Covanta has recognized the huge potential our technology offers for both APCr recycling and safe and sustainable carbon capture,” said Lizzie Bayley, O.C.O’s legal and commercial manager.

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“It demonstrates the faith that the waste sector has in O.C.O’s abilities to make a tangible difference to the way APCr is managed and enables us to invest further in expanding our network of facilities,” she added.

According to Andrew Howie, commercial director at Covanta Europe, O.C.O technology fits into the company’s plan to utilize and recycle the APCr residues.

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