Cotierra Raises $1M To Decarbonize Coffee Farming

Cotierra Raises $1M To Decarbonize Coffee Farming - Carbon Herald
Source: Cotierra

Swiss-Colombian carbon removal and agtech startup Cotierra just secured $1 million in a pre-seed funding round to support its coffee farming decarbonization efforts. 

The funding round saw participation from a number of climate investors, such as Partners in Clime, Carbon Removal Partners, Carbon Drawdown Initiative, Climate Founders, and others. 

The funding is a major milestone for the company and will go towards supporting Cotierra’s decentralized biochar production for carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

Specifically, the fresh injection of capital will allow the startup to boost the development of its novel, cost-effective biochar reactor technology and robust Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) system in Colombia.

Cotierra provides a custom-made biochar solution specifically designed for the circumstances in developing countries. It achieves this by transforming coffee plant leftovers into biochar and returning it to the farms. 

This process traps carbon within the soil for centuries, revitalizes the soil’s health, and significantly increases agricultural output.

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Cortierra’s approach is ideal for assisting vast networks of small farms typical of coffee supply chains. Additionally, it significantly cuts down on transportation expenses and avoids competition for centralized biomass resources.

Through this method, Cotierra equips coffee companies and other agricultural participants with reliable and measurable ways to minimize their carbon footprint and strengthen the climate resilience of their supply chains, while also allowing farmers to capitalize by generating high-quality carbon credits. 

“Our significant traction within the coffee value chain highlights the urgent demand for our  decentralized biochar approach,” said Thomas Käslin, CEO and Co-Founder of Cotierra. 

“This  funding will not only accelerate the development of our technology to fulfill said demand but  also enable us to demonstrate the tangible and measurable benefits of our approach on the  ground in Colombia – from reducing and removing emissions to enhancing soil health and  farmer profitability.”

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