Cory To Build The World’s Largest Carbon Capture Plant For Energy From Waste

Cory To Build The World’s Largest Carbon Capture Plant For Energy From Waste - Carbon Herald

Cory is a London-based waste management company that is planning to build the world’s largest decarbonization project that includes carbon capture installation on a waste-to-energy plant. 

The company intends to install carbon capture and storage technology at its existing 750,000 tons per year capacity energy from waste facility and its new, adjacent 800,000 tons per year facility in Belvedere, southeast London that should become operational in 2026.

Cory has estimated that the project could deliver 1.5 million tons of CO2 savings per year as it is supposed to capture around 90% of the emissions from the facilities. The plan is to transport liquefied CO2 by ship to an offshore subsea storage site while using the existing, natural infrastructure of the Thames to transport the emissions. 

“It could also help other businesses along the River Thames to unlock their contribution to the UK’s net zero target by establishing a transportation hub using river shipment options,” said Dougie Sutherland, CEO of Cory regarding the infrastructure of the carbon capture plant. 

Cory’s announcement also comes after the UK government said this week it will include energy from waste facilities into its industrial carbon capture business model. They will be eligible for a grant per ton of captured CO2 that is intended to cover operational expenses. 

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The announced support from the government would help the company improve its decarbonization goals and the country’s efforts to become a green technology leader. The initiative would also reduce greenhouse gas emissions coming from residual waste. If more carbon-emitting facilities take part in decarbonization processes, carbon capture clusters would expand and play their vital part in contributing to the net zero target.

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