Cormetech Chosen By DOE To Develop Carbon Capture For Natural Gas

Cormetech Chosen By DOE To Develop Carbon Capture For Natural Gas - Carbon Herald

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has chosen engineering company Cormetech to test and develop new, cost-effective carbon capture technology for Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plants (NGCC).

The decision is part of the DOE’s $45 million investment program set to award 12 projects funding to advance the development of their carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions. 

Cormetech’s project will be focused on capturing a minimum of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gas (GHG) gasses emitted from the production of natural gas. 

Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm stated the objective of the program is to make use of all tools available to us to ‘dramatically reduce’ carbon emissions and effectively mitigate the climate crisis. 

Among these tools are also such solutions that will help capture carbon emissions before they can even enter the atmosphere. 

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The DOE also emphasized the potential for well-paid union jobs to be created in communities that are most affected by our dependence on the oil and natural gas industry thanks to projects like that of Cormetech

As a leading engineering company, Cormetech has an extensive history of spearheading emission controls. 

And the company’s CEO Mike Mattes has expressed confidence in its unique position to provide new, lower-cost carbon capture technology.

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