Cool Planet Signs Carbon Capture Tech MoU With NeoCarbon

Cool Planet Signs Carbon Capture Tech MoU With NeoCarbon - Carbon Herald

London-based Cool Planet Technologies (CPT) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with direct air capture (DAC) technology startup NeoCarbon to combine their advanced technologies for optimal carbon dioxide (CO2) capture.

Cool Planet specializes in an innovative membrane-based point source carbon capture technology that is fully electric, eliminating the need for waste heat or chemicals.

In turn, NeoCarbon’s DAC technology utilizes waste heat from industrial processes, enhancing its energy efficiency compared to standalone systems.

The partnership will focus on joint projects where Cool Planet captures CO2 from point sources while NeoCarbon utilizes waste heat from the process to capture CO2 from ambient air, marking a pioneering integration of membrane-based capture and DAC technologies.

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Andrew Corner, Managing Director of Cool Planet, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Combining point source and Direct Air Capture technologies elevates carbon capture to unprecedented levels of energy efficiency and resource utilization.”

René Haas, CEO of NeoCarbon, emphasized the urgent need for both point-source capture and atmospheric CO2 removal in addressing the climate crisis.

He expressed excitement about the collaboration’s potential to transform industrial sites into carbon sinks, leveraging existing infrastructure and reducing the need for new construction.

Further updates on anticipated projects will be provided as they progress.

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