Compensate Carbon Market Releases New White Paper On Corporate Climate Claims

Compensate Carbon Market Releases New White Paper On Corporate Climate Claims - Carbon Herald

Compensate – the carbon market committed to improving the quality of voluntary carbon markets, announces the release of its free white paper on Getting the claims right on corporate climate action. 

The free guide tackles problems like the validity of claims like carbon neutrality, climate neutrality, and net zero structure and gives a definition of corporate climate actions nowadays.

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It shares practical tips to companies on key questions like how to ensure the quality of carbon credits, how to set the time frame of the climate claim, what emissions should be included, how to define the mitigation hierarchy, and what type of emission compensation can be used.

The white paper is a guide on how corporations can communicate their climate claims transparently, without the risk of greenwashing.

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In its last year’s white paper called Reforming the Voluntary Carbon Market, Compensate shared the current state of the voluntary carbon market. It also explained its rigorous criteria for approving carbon capture projects and revealed that 90% of them fail its requirements. 

The company’s goal is to challenge the carbon offsetting field and therefore, it analyzes the most common flaws in carbon capture projects and what stakeholders can do better to truly fight climate change.

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