Industry Calls On EU For Technology Openness In Carbon Removal Certification Framework

Companies Call On EU For Technology Openness In The Carbon Removal Certification Framework - Carbon Herald
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The companies and organizations in the carbon removal industry are raising their voice once again in favor of technology openness for carbon dioxide removal solutions in the Carbon Removal Certification Framework. 344 companies have signed a public letter calling for EU policymakers to allow for technology neutrality and portfolio approach in the new EU legislation being in the makings now, regarding establishing reliable carbon markets. The letter has been updated as of December 10th and follows another letter in October.

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The goal is to get as many companies as possible to sign the letter as the Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF) enters its final negotiation stage, the Trilogues. This stage includes a negotiation between the Council, Parliament, and with support of the Commission, which will end with the final agreement for the text of a bill.

The Trilogues started at the end of November and will get a political agreement towards February 2024 with a final vote expected in April before the European elections. 

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According to the petition, there is a need to urge politicians to uphold a technology-open approach within the definitions of carbon removals and permanent storage. They need to be clear, inclusive, and open to the best available science on carbon removal technologies. They also need to recognize, support, and safeguard all available carbon removal methods and technologies that meet objective criteria. The end goal of the framework is to ensure a more robust carbon market to fulfill its mission of helping the EU reach its climate targets.

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